The laser synthesizer
The laser synthesizer

The laser synthesizer.

Volst developed, an app for VJs to create abstract visuals for laserprojection.


Researching software while developing our interactive laser game, we noticed that existing laser projection software generally has very poor UX. We especially noticed a lack of user friendly software for creating abstract visuals. Beginners were only able to create basic shapes. Pros had to design complex algorithms to create visuals. Our goal was to enable enthusiasts create complex abstract laser visuals with ease.


We were inspired by modular synthesizers: being able to make connections that have never been tried before. We took inspiration from existing visual and audio software, and designed an intuitive user interface that we ourselves would love to use.

Using our standard open source tools, we packaged the result in Electron to easily deploy our app both on Windows as well as on Mac OSX.

We tested our app with both audio and visual (laser) enthusiasts. They helped us steer our product in the right direction during the development.


A software modular laser synthesizer, which allows you to create mesmerizing figures and forms, bring them to life, sync them to music and combine them. All of this and more, accessible with ease. In short; create a great laser show. Try it out at