The inter­active laser game
The interactive laser game

The interactive laser game.

Volst, together with De Ontdekfabriek and Park Strijp Beheer, is developing a multiplayer laser game for Strijp-S.


De Ontdekfabriek has a nice sculpture that fits a laser. Park Strijp Beheer has a state of the art controllable street lighting system. Both aren’t living up to their full potential.


Brainstorming and generating enthusiasm. Our first brainstorm session with Hugo Vrijdag of De Ontdekfabriek resulted in the idea for an interactive laser game and the suggestion to include the street lighting. Our subsequent meeting with Alwin Beernink of Park Strijp Beheer resulted in an enthusiastic response and the commitment needed to realise our vision.


Research and development. First we had to figure out how a laser works. After the realisation that there really isn’t a good toolset, we created an open source toolset of our own. This is the basis for the interactive game currently in development, which will go live in the beginning of 2019.